Monday, December 15, 2008

The Green Team's Kurtis Buczynski '09--by Anthony Jeannetti '09

Senior Kurtis Buczynski joined the Recycling Club at CM last year and continues to work for the club, which is moderated by Mr. Leo Peltier '91, on a weekly basis. At-large reporter Anthony Jeannetti talked with Kurtis recently about the "Green Team" and its efforts this year.

AJ: What's the main goal of the recycling club this year?
KB: To make sure CM students and faculty know what to do when they go to throw something away. We want them to know to put bottles and scrap paper in the recycling bins in each classroom, rather than just throwing them in the trash barrel. It's not a hard decision!

AJ: What steps has the Green Team taken since last year?
KB: We have a lot more people wanting to recycle and making the right decisions to help our environment at CM. Last year, we went to the Museum of Science and learned more about the importance of recycling. This year, I'm looking to spread what I have learned and get all the recyclable goods out of the trash can.

AJ: How would you estimate the success of the program?
KB: Since the beginning of the program, hundreds of pounds of recyclable goods are not sitting at the bottom of a junkyard and have been used to create new goods. Thanks to the Green Team, getting CM kids to take responsibility makes it a great success.

AJ: What does the future of the club look like?
KB: The future looks so much better. Knowing that all these recyclables can be used again, I believe this is the most rewarding club in the CM community. I also believe that soon enough everyone else will realize this and the program will keep expanding each year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Interview with SADD member James Schmidlein '09--by James Griffin '09

James Griffin '09, reporter at large for the CM Blog, roved to find James Schmidlein '09 and ask him a few questions about the SADD Club this year, of which Schmidlein is a member.

JG: What type of activities is the SADD Club doing to make the community better this year?
JS: During midterms we have quiet zones which allow students to get an opportunity to focus on their studies. Also, on Valentine's Day we offer cards that remind students to buckle up while driving.

JG: Are these activities beneficial for students at CM?
JS: Of course! Especially the quiet zones because they offer a time for students to focus on their studies.

JG: What activities does the club have planned later in the year?
JS: There is going to be a 'black out day' where SADD members dress in all black and cannot talk to represent the amount of drunk driving accidents. This will show students the result of drunk driving.

JG: Do you plan on taking part?
JS: I believe it will be very effective and make students aware of what can happen if you drive drunk. It will improve our community.

JG: What has the SADD Club taught you about making the right decisions?
JS: It taught me about the severe consequences of alcohol and drugs, and I think if more students got involved it would make CM a better place.